What the Heck is Deodorant Cream?

If you’ve shopped for a natural deodorant, then you know they come in several forms. Your traditional sticks and roll-ons, less traditional but easily recognizable hunks of crystal, and then little pots of what looks like lotion. Those little pots are deodorant creams, and they date back to 1888, when Mum was first patented and sold in Philadelphia by Edna Murphey.

What are deodorant creams, you ask? At the most basic level, they are a lotion or butter base that contains odor eliminating dry ingredients and essential oils. They are extremely versatile, but most often consist of some combination of coconut oil, shea butter, baking soda, and tea tree or lavender essential oils. Higher end formulations contain exotic oils with known deodorizing properties such as tamanau or kukui, synergistic combinations of essential oils, and powders or clays to help absorb wetness and improve skin feel.

Now that you know what they are, on to the important questions. Questions like: How do we use them? Are they gross? And most importantly- Do they work?

Alright then, one at a time and in order:

  • Deodorant creams are extremely easy to use. Just as the name implies, they are the texture of a firm cream or soft body butter. To apply them, all you have to do is scoop out a bit with a finger and rub it into your underarm – just as though you were putting on lotion.
  • No, they are not gross. A good deodorant cream will absorb in, leaving your skin feeling soft, but not greasy or slimy.
  • And yes, they work. In my opinion, they work better than sticks, roll-ons, and crystals. Whether that is because they are able to incorporate more active ingredients, or because the nature of a cream allows for slightly more to be applied, I don’t know. It may very well be both.

So, if you are thinking of switching to a natural deodorant, I recommend going straight for the creams. If you want a top notch, non-irritating, works all day version, (here’s the shameless self promotion I sometimes indulge in) I recommend you try out our Stink Stopper. And exclusive to you, my lovely blog readers, take 10% off with the code try the cream.



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