A Healthy Lifestyle Does Not Worry About Armpit Fat.

I was browsing through Pinterest the other day, looking for things to add to my Healthy Living board. I put in the keywords healthy and lifestyle, then hit search…


I scroll through pin after pin of ‘Lose 20 lbs!’,  ‘Get rid of armpit fat!’ (really? is that a thing?), ‘Waist slimming challenge!’, and “Bigger butt plan!’. Interspersed are ‘Grow new hair!’, ‘Fat burning superfoods!’, and clean eating plans that, well…don’t let you eat.

When did healthy living start to mean ‘you’re not good enough, do things that are bad for you so you can look like someone’s imaginary idea of the human body’?


I’ve got news for you. You are good enough. And the sheer variety of body shapes, body sizes, hair types, skin colors, and heights is absolutely amazing and beautiful. How about we marvel at the glorious diversity around us and our part in making it, and focus on real healthy living instead?

But what is real healthy living? Well, it’s a lifestyle (not a quick fix, 10 day plan, or miraculous insta-cure) that supports physical, mental, and emotional well being. In other words, it’s living your life so you are healthy and happy.

I know what you’re thinking. How do we do that? I mean, it all sounds good, but let’s be practical. We live in a busy world, and we are busy people. What you just said sounds…difficult. Time consuming. Yeah. The same thought occurred to me. So I sat down, wracked my brain, and came to this conclusion:

It doesn’t have to be hard.

In order to be happy and healthy we only need to do a few simple things. Being the kind, generous soul that I am I made a list.

(oh, wait…I just LOVE lists…ok, so maybe it had more to do with my desire to write things down in an easy to read, linear format that could be checked off as things were accomplished. So.Satisfying.)

Anyway. Without further ado, here is:

Shawna's Guide to Healthy Living Pic

See? It’s actually very simple. Laughter and gratitude relieve stress and improve your outlook on daily life – they make you more resilient and able to bounce back from those inevitable set backs.

Playing – whether it’s tag with the kids, bowling, or a rousing game of Just Dance on the Wii – is just a form of exercise that is fun, rather than work.

Eating and sleeping as your body demands will give it the resources it needs to fight off illness and repair injuries, and the mental clarity to make good decisions.

Time with loved ones relaxes and centers you, and gives you a respite from the outside world and its demands.

Curiosity? Well, it may have killed the cat, but it’s great for us. It leads us to try new things, learn about new interests, and go new places. It keeps us from stagnating.

And most importantly, don’t take yourself too seriously. Life is too short, and there are too many amazing things to discover.


What do you think? Are there things missing? What would you add? Let me know in the comments below.









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